sushi class


Join our sushi instructors, Chef Evan & Chef Matt, for 3-hour class to learn the basics of making sushi. Starting with introducing you to all of the ingredients, how to properly cook and season sushi rice, inside out rolls, traditional makizushi, forming nigiri, and slicing sashimi, you will walk away with the tools and training to begin making sushi at home or for parties. In addition, a packet of workshop notes is provided with all of the materials covered, and a list of resources for where to buy the best ingredients for the cheapest here in the Bay Area and online! Evan and Matt have over 23 years of combined experience in Michelin starred kitchens and sushi bars in San Francisco, New York, Japan, and Honolulu.

Where: 478 25th St, Oakland, CA 94612 

Cost: $130 (plus booking fees)

When: May 13th and May 27th

Time: 11 - 2pm

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