Start your own virtual restaurant at Forage Kitchen

Want to start selling on all the apps but don’t have a space? We created this membership for you. With a super low daily rate, you can get started selling on Caviar, Uber Eats, Seamless, etc. The cost is $100/day for service between the hours of 4-10 pm. That gives you time to get set up before service and a nice window to sell. We made this rate lower because we understand it’s hard to know how much you are going to sell on a nightly basis. Best of all, we have relationships with some of the delivery companies, so getting set up is simple. You don’t need a brick and mortar to start your restaurant; start it at Forage Kitchen today. Send us your name and email below and we’ll reach out to get you started.

Free setup on uber eats!

We’ve negotiated with Uber for them to waive the setup fee (usually $350) for people in our program! They will also walk you through the setup and help with pricing. Plus, they’re going to organize a marketing campaign around our kitchen chefs, which will mean more exposure right out of the gate! You’ll still be able to sign up on the other apps, but this is a huge opportunity with one of the largest selling apps.

Is this for me?

Good question. If you’re reading this, the answer is, probably. Are you a caterer with a few favorite super popular dishes you want to sell more of? Do you have a brick and mortar but are looking to expand your delivery options? Do you pop-up at festivals or events and want to sell more often? Then it’s for you!

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