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BatchMade Market at Forage Kitchen: Friday, October 4th

BatchMade Market is a monthly chance to taste what's cooking in Forage Kitchen. We line up our favorite chefs in their natural environment (that would be the kitchen), for you to taste and feast on their favorite recipes. Best of all it's free to attend and free RSVP here gets you $1 off beer for the night!

This month will feature:

Adry's Bakery

- Tequeños: 5 for $8 (Rich pastry dough wrapped around savory melted white cheese. Dipping sauce: Guava or Alioli)
- Pastelitos Flaky turnovers: 2 for $8 (2 for 8$. Flaky turnovers. 3 options: Ground Beef, Mushrooms, and Pulled Pork. Dipping Sauce: Alioli or Guasacaca)
- Arepas (Gluten-Free): 1 for $10 (Grilled corn dough filled with Shredded beef & gouda cheese. Dipping sauce: Alioli or Guasacaca)
- Chocolate Marquise: 1 for $5 (Chocolate cream mixed with cookies.)

Cafe 15

-Cauliflower Ceviche on a Tostada $7
-Empanadas $6 // 2 for $11
-Guacamole & Chips $5
-Albondigas $7
-Fried Chicken Sandwich $12.50

The Good Dumpling

- Potstickers (Organic Chicken Basil, Shrimp and Pork, and Vegan #8)
- Spicy Sauce Wontons (two options: pork, and organic chicken)

WHAT: Oakland First Friday at Forage Kitchen
WHEN: Friday, October 4th from 6-10pm
WHERE: 478 25th Street, Oakland
WHO: Adry's Bakery, Cafe 15, and The Good Dumpling