Small batch co-packing

What is small batch co-packing? It’s all in the name: co-packing for the small producer. There’s more to running a food business than spending all day in the kitchen, so when you need to get out and promote, sell, work on your website, or take care of any of the other thousand tasks a small business owner is responsible for, we can help make your product. We also know it takes time before you’re ready to start shipping pallets of product a week, which is what a regular co-packer requires. That’s where we come in.

We can step in wherever you are in your process—whether you need help developing a recipe, want to scale up a recipe, or you're looking to have someone manage your entire production process.

We can help with everything  from full-scale production (where we deliver your product complete and ready for sale), to consulting, giving you the tools to make it yourself. If you need some help in the kitchen or have questions, email us. We’re here to help.

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