Sally (DeJoseph) Rogers

Founder, Nibble
San Francisco Bay AreaFood & Beverages

Sally started Nibble last year after a decade in the corporate world - a place full of unhealthy snacks and many hours to fill with snacking. Using research behind satiety and health to back her offerings, she is focused on combining produce and protein in perfect portions to help people snack in the best possible way. Nibble snacks are great in the office or at home as a convenient way to get veggies and plant-based protein into your diet. Sally loves what she does because everyone is on a food journey and every food story is different, which keeps life in the food business incredibly interesting and challenging!


Andrew Lawrence Schiff

Cchef and Owner of Oakc&cFig Baking

Oak & Fig Baking is committed to using the finest local, organic ingredients and celebrates the seasonal bounty of the Bay Area. Raised in Oakland and a life-long baker, Andrew took a 25-year detour as a fashion designer before returning to his roots and his true passion. His cakes and desserts are built with the detailed eye of an artist and inspired by a lifetime of world travel.


Jared Ginn

Food Scientist

Tiny Farm

Tiny Farms: We love crickets!  Not only are they packed with protein and other nutrients, they actually just taste pretty darn good.  Plus, they're super sustainable and a grown right here in our San Leandro food-safe, indoor farm. Check us out and try them fried, dried, or powdered - you'll bug out (in a good way) :)


Bri James

Co-Founder @ Scrumpt

Get kids' lunches for the week delivered directly to your door. With a lawyer’s meticulousness and active right-brain, she has been inspired to create great things that solve complex (and not so complex) problems. As an obsessive notebook-buyer and perpetual doer who loves food, technology and design, she is excited to channel all of her energy into the causes she believed in and motivate others to do the same.


Terry Braggs

Bragging Ryt's Catering

A private chef and custom caterer serving SF and bay area. Managed & trained kitchen managers & BOH staff, Control food cost & labor, P&L, create BOH systems and procedures company wide, culinary operations, menu development, menu costing, recipe writing, operations management, small & large volume special events & catering.


Lamont Perriman

Executive Chef at Montperi Catering and Events

Family Man, Private Chef, Caterer, Entrepreneur, and all around New Renaissance Enthusiast. A dedicated foodie all his life and a business man by education and trade, Chef Lamont Perriman successfully combines these passions in his entertaining and cooking.


Cheri Robertson

Pastry Chef in Oakland California

3 sentence description of what you do:

Cheri Robertson is a certified Pastry Chef in Oakland, California working out of Forage Kitchen. After being classically trained and graduating from the San Francisco City College Culinary Program - The Lemon Girl grew from a dream to an artisanal brand featuring small batch organic Meyer Lemon Curds and Confections. The Lemon Girl was launched in January 2017 at the Good Food Mercantile and is currently in 7 stores and growing!


Jessy Ryan

Fresh Catch

3 sentence description of what you do:

Fresh Catch is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) working directly with a fleet of sustainable small boat fishermen and women up and down the West Coast providing delicious seafood to homes and businesses across the Bay Area. Join our CSF and see what we offer each week and stay tuned for special pop ups and restaurant collaborations!