Marketing Internship at Forage Kitchen:

It’s a crazy world out there folks, and technology is moving faster than a speeding tickets. We’d love your help and input! Forage Kitchen is looking for a fresh set of eyes, positive attitude, and solid experience on major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). 

Forage Kitchen is a co-working space for anyone who loves food. Our mission is to expand the local food economy by supporting its producers. We host communal Sunday Family Meals, participate in Oakland First Friday every month, and host amazing pop-ups from local food entrepreneurs. We love anything and everything about food and how it brings people together! We’ve been working hard on the space and promoting it as much as possible via social media. There’s lots of room to grow, and that’s where you come in to help!

Commitment: 1-2 days per week (8-16 hours)

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Assist and manage social media accounts

- Content management and organization

- Research new tools, trends, and organization apps

- Create weekly social media engagement reports with appropriate analytics and information to learn from and move forward with

- General marketing related tasks

Preferred Skills:

- Knowledge and experience using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

- Knowledge and experience using a social media management application, such as Hootsuite

- Very organized and punctual

- Strong communication skills

- Photography (bonus!)

- Photoshop (bonus!)

- Illustrator (bonus!)

If you're interested please apply below and we'll get back to you soon.

Video Production Intern:

Hello! We love watching videos about food and foraging, so we thought “why don’t we make some?” That’s where you come in. We’re looking for an intern to assist in producing one 3-10min video every two weeks with us. We’ll plan what the content will be but you’ll be in charge of shooting and some editing/staying on task to make sure it is completed twice a month. If you have your own fancy camera that’s a plus, but we’re not opposed to these being shot on an iphone. 

Videos will be focused on various subjects ranging from cooking how-to’s to seaweed foraging to “day in the life” of our Forage Kitchen chefs.

This is a great chance to really dive into the food world and get some exposure for your work. Our content is regularly pushed out to our email and social media following of over 90K+ followers, and we will be aggressively pushing this content to local and national press as well. 

Skills needed:

- Video editing (please have your own computer and software)

- Attention to detail

- Ability to work independently (we hate having to remind people of things…)

- Interest in the food world! 

Commitment is 1-2 days/week, but completion of 2 videos/month is the real mark of success rather than hours at the office and will begin mid Feb. Apply below!

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